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Redskins Player of the Year Vote

Dec 14, 2004, 6:49 PM EDT

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The Quarterback Club will announce its Redskins Player of the Year award tonight. I got a ballot and several days ago, I asked for your suggestions as to how I should cast my ballot. Thanks to everyone who wrote and commented on message boards; there were some very compassionate and reasonable arguments made for all of the nominees.

The ballot asked you to rank the four nominees for the award from 1 through four. Here’s is how I rated them and why:

4. Antonio Pierce–He got the most passionate arguments from all of you and while he’s a great story he simply hasn’t had the impact on the field that the other three have had. If it was “Redskin of the Year”, he might get my top vote, but in judging him with the word “Player” in the award I didn’t think it was right to take his story into account.

3. Shawn Springs–He’s been all over the place making the big plays and has not been burned very often. You can’t ask a cornerback to do much more than that.

2. Fred Smoot–I pretty much flipped a coin between Springs and Smoot for #2 and #3. You can ditto what I said about Springs and apply it to Smoot.

1. Cornelius Griffin–The defense starts on the line and the line starts with Griffin. Without him doing what he did, Pierce, Springs, and Smoot would not have been able to play as well as they have. He’s been the proverbial wrecking crew in the middle there and that’s been the key to the stellar performance of the defense this year. Archives

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