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Dallas: It Doesn’t Matter

Dec 9, 2004, 2:16 AM EDT

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OK, I promise to stop with any and all playoff scenario talk until after Sunday, at which point it either will cease because the Redskins will have lost and will be out of it or it will explode because it will have become significantly more realistic. Until then, one point:

It really doesn’t matter what Dallas does in any of their games besides their Dec. 26 contest against the Redskins. If they win that game, the Redskins are out of it. If the Redskins win it, Dallas can finish no better than 8-8 and an 8-8 Redskins team would have them eliminated on tiebreakers. So, there’s really nothing at stake in the Dallas-New Orleans game on Sunday because of that and the fact that New Orleans already has 8 losses and, again, Washington wins all tiebreakers against them if they’re both 8-8. Archives

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