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Redskins-Steelers Fourth Quarter (In progress)

Nov 28, 2004, 8:14 PM EDT

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Quick Analysis: The Redskins hung in there in a game that could have been a blowout. They were much more aggressive offensively than last week, although they did pretty much abandon the running game early. Ramsey suffered at least five drops and his one interception was a desperation pass after nearly having his head taken off. He got hit a lot, but not very hard (yeah, I know, easy for me to say). A loss is a loss, but this one was a step froward.

That third-down stop by the Steelers could prove to be huge if they put a drive together. We will see.

Passes to Ward, run by Betts has Pitt well into Washington territory. Smoot nearly kills the drive with an INT, but he can’t quite hold on to it.

Bettis is running much better bouncing outside than I thought he could be able to. He gained eight on second and ten doing just that.

Jeff Reed gets his third FG of the game to make it 16-7 with just under 10 minutes left to play.

Cooley catches a first-down catch, giving him six for the game. Two incompletes follow, however, and it’s another, well, you know.

A penalty kills another long Randle El return. Need a three and out, clock running under eight minutes..

Fourth sack of the game, this one by Marshall, sets up third and long. Solid hit by Taylor separates receiver from a ball the receiver was juggling anyway, fourth down. Redskins get ball near midfield after punt with 6:54 to play

Ramsey completes a fourth and two with a pass to Cooley, but throws a pick on the next play while under severe pressure. That will just about do it.

Ramsey has been rushed hard, but hasn’t been hit hard a lot. That bodes well for the future considering what a brutal pass rush the Steelers have had. Archives

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