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Injuries a Blessing?

Nov 26, 2004, 2:11 PM EDT

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In his “what the Redskins have to be Thankful for” piece in today’s Times, Jody Foldesy manages to spin the spate of injuries the team has suffered into a positive thing:

4. Law of averages

There’s no way Washington expected this many major injuries. Heck, Napoleon probably didn’t figure on this many boo-boos as he marched into Russia.

Among the Redskins lost for extended periods were their leader on the offensive line, top pass-rusher, kicker, right defensive end, strong safety and projected middle linebacker. Now the right guard is on the shelf and a rookie tackle will face Pittsburgh’s top-ranked defense.

Assuming the breaks balance out in 2005, the Redskins are in line for a much-deserved stretch of good health. At least they hope.

An interesting take, although one that is logically flawed. Luck is what it is and just because we’re now sitting at the end of a spate of bad luck doesn’t necessarily mean that a good one is about to follow. Even if you’ve rolled snake eyes three times in a row, the odds of you doing it a four time are still 1 in 36. Archives

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