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Redskins-Eagles Third Quarter

Nov 21, 2004, 11:08 PM EDT

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Back to back sacks of McNabb to open up second half! Wynn (coverage) and Haley (up the middle).

Owens’ first catch nets 14, but it’s on a third and 19.

Another false start—this time a second and five becomes a second and ten. This one was on Kozlowski.

WR screen was awfully close to being picked off. Skins may end up going to that well once too often and it will cost them six.

Sean Taylor with a spectacular, one-handed interception. He jumped an out route by TO, was knocked down by his own player, got back up and got about a 10-yard interception.

Did nothing with the interception, however with a three and out. The first play, a three-yard loss by Portis, might have been a flea-flicker, but he was hit before he could pitch the ball back to Ramsey.

Redskins clearly are playing not to lose. We’ll see if it works or not, but the defense will have to score itself.

Eagles have a drive going, aided by a dumb penalty on Taylor. He gives, he takes away. Westbrook is running very well, they need to stop him.

Philly converts, I think, its third third down of the drive with a 10-yard TD from McNabb to the guy who has two catches now, Owens. He did a dumb calesthenics routine, in case anyone cares. McNabb did a good job with rushers all around him on a short drop. That’s why you can’t play conservatively against these guys. Springs was guessing outside and TO went inside.

Washington gets good field position near the 40 after s short kick and gets a drive of its own going. It’s first and ten at the Philly 20 at the end of the third quarter. Archives

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