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Nov 21, 2004, 10:24 PM EDT

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Sorry this is late getting posted. Blogspot was down for new posts.

Portis thrown for losses on first two plays. Ramsey’s going to have to make them pay for stacking up.

Runs up the middle seem to be more effective, got a first down in two carries up there.

Two Eagle penalties—a holding that converted a third and 18 and a 15-yard face mask on a Ladell Betts run—get the Redskins in field goal position. It appears that the middle of the line is relatively soft, and the Eagles have the speed to get to the outside stuff.

McNabb run turns a second and 22 into a third and four. Good coverage, McNabb was just too quick for Marshall.

Cornelius Griffin is out—couldn’t go with hip flexor. Jermaine Haley is starting in his place.

McNabb got an extremely generous spot to convert a third down and seven at the 14 Taylor clotheslined him and the ball was never over the first-down line. There wasn’t a good enough angle on subsequent replays to challenge it. That leads to a three-yard TD pass to Chad Lewis.

So far, the Eagles are living on McNabb’s legs. And Westbrook probably got forty or so all-purpose yards on that drive.

Those first two drives eat up most of the first quarter. Clear advantage Eagles since they earned all of their yards (save the half yard McNabb was given on the spot on his scramble). Archives

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