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Gibbs: If You Make Plays, You’ll Play

Nov 18, 2004, 6:44 PM EDT

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Said Joe Gibbs of Darnerien McCants in today’s Post

I think he is a playmaker. He’s a big guy with really good hands and I think deceptively on deep balls he’s very good, also. So it was good seeing him get in there and make some plays for us, and hopefully that will continue and hopefully we can find ways to play him more in the offense. I think now that he’s up [dressing for games], I think we can do that and that’s to his credit: If you make plays you’re going to play.

The Redskins knew that McCants was a playmaker when they kept him off of the restricted free agent market by giving him a three-year, $4.5 million contract. In the preseason, he caught a long touchdown bomb from, yes, Mark Brunell.

Due to an inability to play special teams (the public reason) and poor practice habits (the private reason), McCants was active for just one game until Sunday. Whether his insertion into the game during a fourth-quarter drive was the cause of the team scoring its only touchdown of the day or if was a mere coincidence, time will tell. From what Gibbs says, it looks like he will give us some chances to find out. Archives

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