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Jaws on the Redskins’ O

Nov 5, 2004, 1:58 AM EDT

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Ron Jaworski was the “Five Good Minutes” guest on PTI tonight and Wilbon and Tony K asked him about the Skins’ offense (emphasis added in both quotes):

I though when Joe came in he did the right things; he got Clinton Portis, he got Mark Brunell, he had Rod Gardner and Laveranues Coles. But this offensive unit just hasn’t come together. The one thing I do see, and this is where Joe is going to have to adapt to the present-day NFL, I don’t see enough short passing. He’s back to those old days where it was a seven-step drop and you waited for things to happen down the field. You can’t do it with this offensive line. I think he’s got to go back to the three-step and five-step passing game and get the ball out of Mark Brunell’s hands quicker and I think that’s the adjustment he will make in the second half of the season.

Even given the loss of Jon Jansen the offensive line has been a major disappointment and a lot of Brunell’s problems can be linked to his need to throw under pressure. If this is true—and with Jaws you know that he’s basing what he says on having looked at films and isn’t just talking off the top of his head—it’s a shame that Gibbs can’t run his offense because of his offensive line. The unit doesn’t need to be rebuilt but it could be upgraded at center and certainly better depth is needed (not an easy thing to acquire in today’s NFL in any case, much less when you have so much cap space allocated to “stars”).

In any case, the line should shut up about coming up with a catchy nickname until they actually accomplish something.

Then Tony asked if Brunell should be benched and Patrick Ramsey brought in:

Certainly the leash is becoming a lot shorter. Patrick Ramsey is a guy who has tremendous upside and I’ve always liked (him). As you look at Brunell right now, if he doesn’t play better, you’re going to have to make the change to Patrick Ramsey and start looking to the future.

Does giving Ramsey a shot necessarily mean that the Redskins are throwing in the towel on the season? I don’t think so. He can win games now. Archives

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